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NGPX Innovation Briefing - July 2019

Patient experience at American healthcare institutions is at a turning point. As new technologies gain a foothold at innovative health systems across America, patient expectations are rising steadily. Now more than ever, hospitals are attempting to brand themselves in ways that promote the top-of-the-line patient experience. Aside from the best possible medical care, hospitals are concerned with providing excellent service at every touch-point throughout the patient journey. These range from treating their facilities like upscale hotels, promoting outreach programs, to putting patients and family members on their boards as advisors. Our goal for this short report is to give a snapshot of how several health systems are experimenting with new patient experience strategies in 2019 and beyond.Download the report now!

Mayo Clinic Launches Google Assistant and Voice-Powered Web Chat for At-Home Patients

For healthcare providers, voice powered technologies like Google Assistant and interactive web chat may hold the key to increasing levels of patient engagement with health resources and professionals - which in turn translates into quality improvements and cost reductions for healthcare organizations. 

Building the Future of Patient Education: How Hospitals Can Deliver Better Health Outcomes Through Digital Education Solutions and a Unified Patient Education Strategy

One of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry is that physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals lack the time to effectively educate their patients. Now, many patients are technology-literate and expect to see the same types of digital tools they use in their everyday lives in the healthcare setting, especially when it comes to interacting with healthcare professionals, asking questions, and learning about their conditions and treatments. In this report, we explore how hospitals and other healthcare organizations are successfully delivering patient education using digital solutions. We also examine what challenges both clinicians and patients face when engaging in patient education, and what can change in the next three years to create a unified, standardized, and more effective patient education experience.

NGPX 2018 Innovation Briefing

Download the 2018 report!

Aromatherapy Treatment at the Heart of Patient Care

Since before the 2018 Joint Commission mandate requiring hospitals to offer non-pharmacological solutions to reduce pain and discomfort, doctors and nurses have been exploring new treatment opportunities in the area of low-cost, clinical aromatherapy. Already, aromatherapy made for clinical settings has become an easy, repeatable, low-cost solution with observed results in reducing anxiety, managing pain, and improving patient satisfaction. In this report, we identify and measure developing trends in this area through both data analysis and interviews with the medical professionals currently using aromatherapy in clinical settings themselves.

NGPX Innovation Briefing - September 2018

In our second Innovation Briefing of 2018, we give you a snapshot of how several health systems are experimenting with new patient experience strategies in 2018 and beyond. Sponsored by: Nason Group

Healthcare 2020: How Automated Patient Experiences will Transform the Landscape

In the next several years, automated healthcare is set to grow into an $18B industry.Find out what's behind this growth, how the continuum of care is changing, and the applications of the technology for gathering patient-generated health day when you claim your free copy of this important research. Simply click the image to the left to download your free copy!

2017 Patient Experience Innovation Briefing

Our goal for this short report is to give a snapshot of how several health systems are experimenting with new patient experience strategies in 2017 and beyond.

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