NGPX 2021



New Technology and the Customer Experience

The goal of any health system should be to leave its patients with an overall positive clinical experience. To provide the best patient experience, hospitals and health systems it's necessary to improve communication and transparency, engage and empower their patients, and hold themselves and employees accountable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find the tools that work for you
  • Importance of Senior Leadership engagement
  • Understanding the needs for cross functional design of your customer experience design team
  • Patient engagement depends on employee engagement
  • Making every experience count!


  • Sam C. Terese, CEO & President of Alverno Laboratories
  • Abdel Abdelhadi, Laboratory Director Franciscan Health-Hammond and Munster at Alverno Laboratories
  • Susan Kretz MBA, MHA, MT(ASCP), Manager of Point of Care Testing at Alverno Laboratories

Empowering Patients Through Shared Decision Making

Patients are no longer passive recipients of care; they are healthcare consumers. Thus, they expect more frequent engagement and a personalized healthcare experience from you, the HCP.

Our panel of patient experience experts from Planned Parenthood, Massachusetts General Hospital, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, UCLA and Elsevier Clinical Solutions will share:

  • How to leverage shared decision making to help patients be more involved in their care
  • Methods of implementation—where to begin on your journey towards an empowered, informed patient
  • How to address health literacy and its impact on patient understanding and decision-making

Healthcare 2020 : How Automated Patient Experiences Will Transform the Landscape

Join this webinar to hear from leaders who are delivering personalized, automated patient conversation experiences that are being used to manage patient populations at scale more efficiently than ever before.

  • Lead to more informed and meaningful patient relationships, effective population management and, ultimately, better clinical and financial outcomes
  • Build loyalty and efficient communication with your patients in an era where they expect more engagement
  • Hear insights from an exclusive report that benchmarks where your peers are at regarding automated healthcare readiness, the use of PGHD, and the demand and intent to invest


  • Sven Gierlinger, Vice President and Chief Experience Officer from Northwell Health
  • Emmanuel Fombu, MD, Digital Health Advocate, Healthcare Executive & Medical Futurist at Novartis
  • Murray Brozinsky, Chief Strategy Officer from Conversa Health

Engaging Providers and Staff Consistently in the Patient Experience

If your goal is to have patient involvement be routine, now is the time to start making moves on reinvigorating your culture. And if you aren't acknowledging the patient throughout their entire journey, from diagnosis to outpatient care, you are not going to remain competitive for long! In this webinar we will give you the knowledge to position your organization as a patient experience leader.

A panel of patient experience experts from Tenet Healthcare, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Nemours Children's Health System, Metro Health System and Elsevier, share their thoughts on:

  • Methods to turn patients into active participants in their healthcare.
  • The importance of adhering to patient education and advocacy on a more consistent basis.
  • How to keep patient needs at the forefront of care without compromising care quality or safety.
  • How to implement a consistent patient experience across the organization.