Next Generation Patient Experience 2018

November 27-November 29, 2018

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA


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Healthcare 2020: How Automated Patient Experiences will Transform the Landscape

In the next several years, automated healthcare is set to grow into an $18B industry.Find out what's behind this growth, how the continuum of care is changing, and the applications of the technology for gathering patient-generated health day when you claim your free copy of this important research. Simply click the image to the left to download your free copy!

NGPX Innovation Briefing

Patient experience at American healthcare institutions is at a turning point. As new technologies gain a foothold at innovation health systems across America, patient expectations are rising steadily. Now more than ever, hospitals are attempting to brand themselves in ways that promote the top-of-the-line patient experience, but the buy-in hasn’t been across the board just yet. Aside from the best possible medical care, hospitals are concerned with providing excellent service at every touch-point throughout the patient journey. These range from treating their facilities like upscale hotels, promoting outreach programs, to putting patients and family members on their boards as advisors. Our goal for this short report is to give a snapshot of how several health systems are experimenting with new patient experience strategies in 2017 and beyond.

Improving Communication from the Operating Room:

Clinicians at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children developed a mobile application to provide real-time updates of surgical procedures to families in the waiting room. Surveys of patient families show improvements in patient experience, while nurses surveyed preferred the app over a phone call to families. Click on the image to download the full report by EASE Applications!

Patient Experience Report

Download the report by clicking the image to the left.

This report, prepared by the Director of the Next Generation Patient Experience conference, highlights the latest changes and trends in the Patient Care industry.

Embracing Population Health Management by Tribridge

The march toward value-based healthcare and population health management is driving significant changes across the larger healthcare ecosystem. The urgency to affect lengths of stay, left-before-being-seen rates and other measures while simultaneously improving patient outcomes and satisfaction is forcing a wave of innovation. Download the whitepaper by Tribridge to learn more!

The Power of Online Ratings and Reviews

Download this e-book by Binary Fountain to learn strategies for implementing a transparency program.

Moving towards transparency is vital in today’s world of healthcare consumerism. Organizations must meet their patients’ need for accurate health and physician information that they can trust. With the help of a technological solution, internal readiness and a clear strategy, healthcare organizations are increasingly becoming the trusted voice for their patients.

12 Tips to Hospital Mobile Wayfinding Success

Mobile wayfinding is quickly becoming a patient experience litmus test for many healthcare systems. The innovative technology meets an expressed need of patients and visitors looking for location-based services and amenities and immediately differentiates hospital systems from their competitors. An exceptional mobile wayfinding user experience is also a direct reflection of the clinical excellence patients can expect and the quality of care they will receive at your hospital. Download the whitepaper by Gozio Health to learn more!

Forrester Case Study: Total Economic Impact of Simplee

Through four customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that Simplee has the following three-year financial impact.Click on the image to download the report!

Improving Patient Experience

Whitepaper: Improving Patient Experience by Modernizing the Healthcare Contact Center

In order to keep up with this increased volume while improving patient satisfaction and brand reputation, many healthcare organizations are moving toward a more intelligent, personalized, patient-centric contact center. This white paper explores the challenges and opportunities available to healthcare organizations at multiple stages of the contact center modernization journey.