Next Generation Patient Experience 2017

November 28-November 30, 2017

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA


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The Director's Report: NGPX 2016

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What Major Trends Will Be Addressed at NGPX?

The hospital setting was the first to have mandated HCAHP scores, so naturally, a lot of attention has been paid to the patient experience in the inpatient setting. However, with CAHPs being rolled out across other settings (ambulatory, clinician groups, etc) the entire industry is now prioritizing PX and working to make improvements. At NGPX, we'll dig deeper into key patient experience challenges in these varied care settings. Healthcare executives in 2016 have mentioned that they are paying particular attention to the following areas:

  • Patient-Centered Communication
  • Getting the Full PX Data Picture
  • Engaging Providers and Staff in the Patient Experience
  • Meeting Changing Patient Expectations and Needs

Patient Experience Report

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This report, prepared by the Director of the Next Generation Patient Experience conference, highlights the latest changes and trends in the Patient Care industry.


NGPX 2016 Attendee List

A Who's Who of NGPX 2016. See who you'll be networking with! Updated November 23.

Attendee List

Click the image to the left to download the NGPX 2014 & 2015 attendee list and see which of your peers are attending Next Generation Patient Experience in December. If the attendee list sparks interest, don't forget to download the official Next Gen Patient Experience agenda.


Improving Patient Experience

Whitepaper: Improving Patient Experience by Modernizing the Healthcare Contact Center

In order to keep up with this increased volume while improving patient satisfaction and brand reputation, many healthcare organizations are moving toward a more intelligent, personalized, patient-centric contact center. This white paper explores the challenges and opportunities available to healthcare organizations at multiple stages of the contact center modernization journey.