NGPX 2021


My NGPX Story by Nicole Rakowski:

‘Great opportunity for networking and for testing innovating products/ ideas..’

Nicole Rakowski
Project Manager
Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation

Nicole's NGPX Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2019

How She’s Participated: Speaker

Conference Highlights: Gained ideas from what other relevant hospitals are doing to enhance patient experience.

I was a first time attendee…

I was googling different conferences to attend when I came across Next Gen Patient Experience. I reached out to Charleen Ring to see how I could participate and signed on as a speaker to share my expertise on patient experience.

An event like this is best tackled with a colleague…

I specifically attended the conference to benchmark strategies in patient experience against other hospitals. It was three days of networking with likeminded individuals who had tons to share about what the different steps they were taking to improve patient experience. I would highly recommend bringing along a colleague so you don’t feel overwhelmed in tackling the event alone. You’ll have twice the amount of notes and twice the number of ideas to share post event.

I learned that small steps can make a big impact…

Most of the presentations told a story about how different hospitals were doing little things that made a huge difference in positively affecting overall patient experience. One such interesting presentation was of a hospital who hired a Michelin star chef to change the food it served to patients. It was also exciting to hear from Microsoft about the AI technologies available that could help with patient experience.

Even if we don’t have the resources to do something on that scale, it was exciting to hear about the different strategies that had the potential to make a large impact. At least now I have a notebook of ideas to go through should the opportunity arise to make a change in the way we do things.

My first time at the event was a wonderful experience…

I had a great time attending this conference – the days were spent with likeminded individuals sharing their expertise and strategies in patient experience. The wide diversity in the kind of institutions represented meant that I was exposed to varied ideas. I walked away with a true appreciation for all the work being done in the industry.