NGPX 2021


My NGPX Story by James Grayson:

‘You could tell that a lot of thought had been put into every aspect of the event – the content, speaker, vendors and venue. It is by far one of the best events for patient experience.’

James Grayson

James Grayson
Administrative Chief of Staff
West Cancer Center

James’s NGPX Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2016

How He’s Participated: Attendee & Speaker

Event Highlights:The event was just the right size to invoke a sense of community among the participants. Everybody was willing to share their knowledge, thoughts and experiences.

I first attended the event in 2016…

…At the time, I had just accepted a position at my current organization and had been researching conferences where I would be able to get updated on what other organization were doing in the industry. I happened to meet with Charlene (producer) onsite and we discussed my participation at this year’s event.

The event team did an amazing job at this year’s event – content, speakers and venue were all exceptional!

You could tell the amount of work and effort the event team put into organizing the conference….Especially in getting the right mix of people to attend the event. There was a growing sense of community that is hard to come by at other events I’ve been to. And my opinion was shared by many others I spoke to onsite.

The highlights of the event for me were the roundtable discussions – they were extremely effective in facilitating group interactions. And (I may be biased n this) the panel that I sat on – the focus was on the future of patient experience, how to embrace disruption and use it as a tool to advance to the next level of excellence in patient experience.

Unfortunately, both times I’ve attended alone but I would’ve preferred to bring a colleague….

Personally, I believe that such events need to be attended by more than one person from an organization to facilitate in better networking and bringing back the information needed to affect change within the organization. I’ve already started the process to rally up a few colleagues for the event next year!