How the Jayex Patient Engagement Platform is Set to Boost PX

There are many aspects to the patient experience when people visit their healthcare provider. Managing each of these factors separately can quickly become a herculean task.

From booking appointments to checking in at a clinic, from the waiting room experience to queue management and marketing campaigns, each aspect of the healthcare experience has the potential to boost or bust the holistic patient experience and make or break your reputation as a healthcare provider. With ever-increasing competition in the industry, seemingly tiny differences in patient experience can become crucial brand differentiators.

One way to help bring these disparate elements of the healthcare visit together is with a single patient engagement platform, and fortunately, that's just what tech startup Jayex have come up with.


The innovative new digital and cloud-based offering created by Jayex combines five tools in one simple-to-use platform. It's designed to help healthcare brands engage better with their clients and make sure the patient experience they're providing in their clinics is as good as it possibly can be.

"We're delighted to announce the launch of our new cloud-based healthcare platform Jayex Connect, a digital toolkit designed to help you improve efficiency, save resources, and get more from your patient engagement efforts," said Jayex in a blog post. "For the first time, our healthcare solutions are consolidated into a single set of modules containing everything your healthcare organization needs to modernize your approach to patient arrivals, patient engagement, appointment booking, and patient calling."

Each tool is designed to handle one aspect of the clinical patient experience while working in harmony with the other four.

Appointment Booking

The first port of call for anyone who needs to visit with their healthcare provider is to book an appointment. However, trying to call on the phone to get such an appointment can often be an exercise in futility and frustration.

With Appointuit, Jayex's online booking platform, patients can access their doctor's schedule from any connected device and book an appointment when it's convenient for them. Patients can book a next available, preferred, or specific practitioner depending on their level of priority. Once the appointment is booked, patients can opt to receive automated SMS and/or email confirmation and reminders to make sure they don't forget to visit.

New patients can also register through the Appointuit system and it comes complete with powerful data and analytics capabilities to help providers identify peak periods, missed appointment patterns and more, further helping them provide exceptional patient experience.

"Our tool provides a secure and simple platform for your patients to book appointments, request prescriptions, and communicate with their doctor," says Jayex. "This not only improves patients' engagement with their health but also reduces the time admin staff spend tied up with appointment booking and patient registration."


When patients arrive for their appointment, they can check in using the Jayex powered terminals located in the reception, removing the need to queue and speak to the reception staff.

The check-in process is a simple two-step affair and the screen can display in over 50 languages - an essential service in today's multicultural society. The system is designed to account for the varying physical abilities of the people who need to use it: It's at an appropriate height for wheelchair users and has a large, clear display for elderly patients and individuals with impaired vision.

The Waiting Room

Once patients have checked in and are waiting for their appointment to begin, the Jayex system manages the digital signage in the waiting room to make their waiting room experience more enjoyable.

The platform can stream content from YouTube or radio stations through a Linux-powered media player to keep patients entertained while they wait. When the time comes for appointments to be called, the screens can be set to call individual or multiple patients forward and direct them to the appropriate area.

"Jayex Display is designed with patient experience and communication in mind," continues Jayex. "We'll help you find the option that delivers the best results for your organization, whether that's a stand-alone unit or a network of digital displays. With the capability to broadcast a vast range of customizable content, call patients forward and, ultimately, enhance patient experience, Jayex Display is much more than just a signage system."


The last two tools in the Jayex platform are designed to help engage with patients once they've left the healthcare setting.

Jayex Campaigns is designed to help healthcare providers engage with their patients through bespoke targeted SMS and email communications - delivering brand messages which are relevant to each person individually - while Jayex Survey lets them solicit opinion on the patient experience from those who have first-hand knowledge of it.

Through these tools, healthcare providers can deliver the best patient experience possible by staying in touch and asking for feedback.

Final Thoughts

Keeping on top of the in-clinic patient experience can be a difficult task. However, with digital technology such as the Jayex platform helping the process become more efficient and manageable, healthcare providers can focus on delivering exceptional care to their patients.

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