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At NGPX, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular case studies and industry spotlights.

How IoT is Revolutionizing Medical Device Service

If there's anything which illustrates the desire among patients for innovative smart healthcare devices, it's the OpenAPS initiative.

The MD Anderson Cancer Center Is Aiming to Improve the Cancer Treatment Journey for All

The MD Anderson Cancer Center is succeeding in its goal of bringing people together to take cancer prevention to the next level.

Here's How Mayo Clinic is Transforming Patient Care with Mobile Health

Mobile health is fast becoming a strategic priority for healthcare organizations nationwide. And it needs to be – mobile traffic is now far out-stripping desktop traffic to hospital and health system websites by a ratio of nearly 2:1.

How Tampa General Is Embracing Mobile to Revolutionize Patient Engagement

The average patient spends just eight minutes with a doctor – but this is far from but being the entirety of the experience.

How Vanderbilt University Medical Center is Transforming Customer Care

The entire patient experience has been streamlined and this new initiative has improved every stage of the medical care journey.

Here’s How Stanford Children’s Health Is Pioneering VR for Patient Care, Education, and Experience

The new program spans three separate projects, each of which addresses a unique component of cardiac care and leverage VR technology in distinct ways.

How Geisinger Health System’s Refund Promise Puts Patient Experience at the Center of the Enterprise

The ProvenExperience initiative has led to a 23% increase in direct messages to Geisinger relating to episodes of care from patients and patient advocates.

How Kaiser Permanente Uses 'Health Hubs' to Test Patient Experience Innovation

Health hubs represent Kaiser’s vision for the future of health care delivery – a design-driven approach that puts patient experiences at the very center of all activities.

How Intermountain Healthcare Uses Technology to Improve Patient Engagement

Medical providers have long understood the importance and indeed the value of ensuring patients are engaged with their own health. What is new, is the role of technology.

How Brigham and Women’s Hospital Is Bringing Gamification to Self-managed Diabetes Care

The research team set about designing a game which would educate patients about the management of their condition regarding diet, exercise, and medication.

How MetroHealth System Is Improving the Healthcare Experience for LGBT Patients

The MetroHealth System in Cleveland, Ohio, wants to change the script to create a positive experience for LGBT patients.